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Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva

Aloha Lōkahi Lomi Ohana!

I encourage our lomi​ instructors to offer workshops to keep ohana shiny and happy.

When the kitchen knife is used it will lose it's sharpness.

It must be sharpened and polished! 

Our lomi skills need to be refreshed. We need to sharpen our techniques. Polish our energy work!

Kumu Dane will continue to support our lomi ohana!

-Kumu Dane Silva

Why Naturopathy


 Lomilomi is traditional healing art that help you to balance your body mind and spirit. It is often misinterpreted just an oil massage, but it is more than that. It starts with pule (prayer) to connect you with Akua, Kanaka and Aina.

 Our method and technique, “LŌKAHI LOMILOMI Lomilomi”, is founded by Kumu Lomi Dane Kaohelani Silva. (“Lokahi” means unity in Hawaiian) It is derived from Lua, cultural practice of fighting. It approaches to skeletal frame and stimulates nerve system to realign your body. Depends on the needs Ho’oponopno (reconclliation / forgiveness), heated stones, medicinal herbs could be included in a session.

Our mission

Our mission is to carry on Kumu Dane’s teachings to support physical and mental health of people to make their life full filled/ richer.
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  • Lokahi Lomilomi Australia

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